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The Programmable Box (ages 13 and up)

Learn C/C++ Programming and Arduino micro-controller in a fun and engaging manner

Programming Skills

  • Constants & variables
  • Declaring and initializing variables
  • Data types and modifiers: int, char, boolean, void, volatile, static
  • Arithmetic operators & comparison operators
  • Library & user defined functions
  • Declaring & defining a function vs. executing a function
  • Naming conventions
  • Control Flow (if, else, while, return, switch case)
  • One, two, three dimensional arrays
  • Local and global scope
  • Arithmetic equal sign vs. programming assignment operator

Arduino Skills

  • ​​Arduino architecture
  • Configuring input/output ports
  • Controlling and LED
  • How to "pull-up" a switch input
  • How to "debounce" a switch input
  • Reading the value of a potentiometer
  • Converting potentiometer values into Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) duty cycle
  • Making musical notes with a buzzer
  • Measuring distance with an ultra-sonic range detector
  • Reading and writing digital pins
  • Reading analog pins
  • Attaching an interrupt
  • ​Measuring the length of an input pulse